Journey to the Heart of Lake Baikal

June-August 2022

price on request
4 days
3 nights

About tour

Olkhon is an incredibly beautiful island and, perhaps, one of the most recognizable and popular places in Baikal. It is one of the nine sanctuaries of Asia, and the most unique and sacred place in Siberia! Olkhon Island is the heart of Baikal! We offer you a fascinating excursion, during which you will visit the ethno-park "Golden Horde", get acquainted with the customs of the Baikal region, taste dishes of Siberian cuisine, meet a shaman, and go on trips to the Baikal islands, where you can enjoy the beauty of Siberian nature and recharge the energy of magic islands!


What you pay for

  • Transfer Irkutsk - ferry to the island - transfer by cars to Khuzhir settlement

  • Transfer by cars from Khuzhir village to the ferry - transfer to Irkutsk

  • Excursion program

    guide services

  • Accommodation in the art hotel "Port Olkhon"

    о. Olkhon (4 days)

  • Nutrition

    breakfasts, lunches

  • Excursion to "Zolotaya Orda" ethno park

  • Sightseeing tour in Khuzhir, to the sacred "Cape Burkhan"

  • Journey to the Stupa of Enlightenment on the island of Ogoy

Day 1. Arrival in Irkutsk, departure for Olkhon Island Excursion to the ethno-park "Golden Horde"
Meeting the group at the airport, departure for Olkhon.
On the way to the island you will make a stop at "Zolotaya Horde" Ethno Park:
- Guests are greeted with treats, good wishes for good luck, and colorful rituals of purification by fire;
- Performance of the Baikal Buryats, folklore program (throat singing, shaman dancing, playing khomus, ritual dances);
- Meeting with a local shaman who will initiate you into the mystery of Buryat spiritual culture, tell you about local spirits, rituals and prayers.
Then you go to Olkhon Island, the largest island on Lake Baikal. Olkhon and the adjacent islets are part of the Baikal National Park. Its shape is reminiscent of the contours of Lake Baikal. The island stretches along the shore of Lake Baikal for 73 km, its width reaches 15 km.
You take a ferry to Olkhon and arrive at the island's capital, the village of Khuzhir (by car).
Accommodation at the Art hotel "Port Olkhon". Dinner at the hotel (not included in the price).
Day 2. Excursion to the north of Olkhon - Khoboy cape
After breakfast you go to the largest art and souvenir shop on the island, where you can buy teas and herbs from the generous Baikal shores, jewelry made of precious Baikal stones.
Then you are going by car to take a sightseeing tour around Khuzhir. You will make an excursion to the sacred "Burkhan cape" (Shamanka cliff), which is one of the nine sanctuaries of Asia. There is a through cave in the rock. According to legend, this cave is inhabited by the spirit of the owner of the island. It was believed that this was one of his three palaces - the earthly palace, and from here there are exits to the heavenly and underground palaces.
For many centuries, shamanic rituals with sacrifices have been held near the rock. Having visited this place, you will be charged with the energy of Lake Baikal for a long time.
Then you'll go to a place of extraordinary energy and beauty. The beautiful high rock at Khoboy cape, which looks like a sharp fang, has a resemblance to the profile of a woman's head with a bust. There is a Buryat legend that the rock is actually a petrified girl.
When the weather is good, from Khoboy cape you can see the widest part of Baikal (80 km). You'll get an inexpressible view of the open, or as the locals call it, Big Baikal. For lunch you'll taste some soup of Baikal fish, cooked on the campfire by our guides.
Return to Port Olkhon.
Day 3. A visit to the Stupa of Enlightenment on the island of Ogoi
Today you are going to take an unforgettable trip by boat along the unique natural places of Baikal! It starts with a visit to the island Zamogoy - the third biggest island in this strait. It's situated 10 km to the South from the village Khuzhir. Because the island is not inhabited by people, and there are a lot of rocks, on sunny days on it gladly arrange rookeries seal. The Baikal seal is a kind of seal and an endemic of the lake Baikal, so it's found only here. These cute little eyes will stay in your heart forever! The seal is an amazing animal, and you can watch it endlessly.
Next, you go to the island of Ogoy. This is the largest of the islands, located in the Little Sea. In 2005 here was built a Buddhist stupa, the Stupa of Enlightenment, the stupa of victory over all obstacles. There is a belief that Buddhist stupas help dissolve all the negativity and misfortune and contribute to the prosperity of the area in which they are located. Also, many believe that the stupa will benefit those who visit it consciously. Today many visitors from all over the world come to Baikal just for the sake of the Ogoy island, to be charged with positive spiritual energy and to be purified of negativity.
Then you take our speedboat across the Little Sea Strait and head for the mainland, to the place called Surkhayte, where the Sacred Springs are located. The water in the springs is enriched with silver and beneficial minerals. It was consecrated by a local shaman and is divided into two troughs: male and female. According to the legend, the taste of water in them is different. Once you are there you will be able to see for yourself whether such miracles can happen in nature!
After visiting the springs, a picnic lunch will be waiting for you. Cooked with love by our captain in the traditional Siberian style!
We finish our excursion program by visiting the "bird island". Many seagulls live on the island, and they nest right on the rocks. Trees, by the way, on the island no. Its coasts are rocky and steep, reaching 30 meters above the water. Here you can feed the seagulls, who are happy to eat the treat, and take great pictures!
Day 4. Free day on Olkhon
Breakfast. Free day. We can organize fishing for you, or offer you to rent sap-boards and bicycles. We can arrange horseback riding, excursion to Buryat village Malomorets, arrange for you a relaxation program in a bathhouse with a font on the shore of Baikal (at will, extra charge).
Day 5. Return to the city of Irkutsk
After breakfast transfer to Irkutsk, on the way to Irkutsk, lunch in a cafe with Buryat cuisine.
Transfer to the airport.

What is needed
for your jorney

  • Clothes

    A warm jacket with a hood and trousers,
    a ski kit or overalls will do.
    Warm and waterproof winter boots.

  • Packing

    Trekking backpack (60-90l), a rain cover for a backpack, a hydrobag for documents, several bags for clothes and hygiene items.

  • Papers

    Passport, money (and debet card), phone, medical insurance.

  • Medicine

    Sun tanning cream, pain reliever, individual medications.

  • Sleeping items

    Tourist rug (karemat), sleeping bag (with min. temperature +3°С), lighter.

  • Personal hygiene

    Hygienic lipstick, toothbrush, wet wipes, paper napkins, toothpaste

Life is not those days that have passed, but those that are remembered!

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